Training and Placement Cell Head



Prof. Rohan Kurri,

Head of Training and Placement Cell,


I, Prof. Rohan Ramesh Kurri, Head -of the Training and Placement Cell of VVPIET, Since 2012 I am handling this post of VVPIET, The Training and Placement Cell serves as a vital link between students and potential employers, facilitating career guidance, and skill development, and job placement opportunities. This dedicated cell organizes various training programs, workshops, and recruitment drives to enhance students' employability and connect them with prospective employers.

Key functions of the Training and Placement Cell include:

1. Career Guidance: Guiding career paths, industry trends, and skill development to help students make informed decisions.

2. Skill Development: Organizing workshops, seminars, and training sessions to equip students with the necessary skills demanded by the job market.

3. Industry Interaction: Fostering connections with industries through guest lectures, industrial visits, and networking events, enabling students to interact with professionals.

4. Placement Activities: Coordinating recruitment drives, job fairs, and campus interviews to connect students with potential employers.

5. Resume Building: Assisting students in crafting effective resumes and preparing for interviews to enhance their chances of securing job opportunities.







Please note, that the Training and Placement Cell is committed to supporting students in their journey from education to employment, ensuring a smooth transition into the professional world.