Welcome to Basic Science & Humanities Department

H.O.D.'s Desk

Prof. J. K. Roman (HOD BS&H Dept.)

I am delighted to announce that our department was founded in 2009 and has been a key contributor to engineering ever since. Our departmental faculty provides the fundamental knowledge of science to students to help them shape their careers. We enhance their skills through excellent academic activities that foster technical knowledge.
   Our institute has been affiliated with Dr.Babasahed Ambedkar Technological University (DBATU), Lonere- Raigad since 2017-18, so our first year operates under DBATU University. DBATU awards B.Tech. degrees to students. Our F.Y.B.Tech. students have achieved outstanding results in the DEC-2017 examination. In summary, we are doing our best for our stakeholders and ultimately for society.