"NAAC ACCREDITED ENGINEERING INSTITUTE" In Solapur City Which Got NAAC Accreditation Within 6 Years of Establishment
Admission Enquiry Contact :-   Prof.U.M.Rawat : 8380050696      Prof.S.C.Mhamane :8380050705      Prof.I.L.Bulla :9730213735

Principal's Desk

Today, Researcher’s all over the world are attempting to institutes where learning is genuinely happening and to understand factors those are influencing those outcome. In my view, good education is the one that enables the growth and development of student in multiple dimensions. These multiple dimensions I feel are intellectual, social, emotional and most importantly ethical. The rote memorization and appearing for examinations may lead to instant gratification in terms of obtaining good grades. However, in long terms this may not be of great help to Indian society. Instead, we need to develop a good human and an active citizen so that we have a better society, tomorrow. And have built culture of integrity and trust in our institute.

For overall development of the students we have organized various activities such as ‘Cyborg 13’ Robotic workshop in associated with I.I.T. kharagpur, ‘Wiso-Tech-2013’ a technical symposium, and a series of expert lectures on ‘+ve thinking’, ‘career in IT’, ‘How to Succeed in life’, ‘Mind power’. Our training and placement cell has organized various training programs for T.E. & B.E. students.

Mr. Azim premji, Chairman of Wipro Limited once said: ”If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small.” At VVPIET, we have set higher goals for ourselves and could achieve them due to consistent efforts and dedication of our staff. I take this opportunity to thank our chairman Hon.Prof. G.K.Deshmukh for his unstinting support and guidance. I also would like to extend my thanks to our secretary Hon.Mr.Amol(Nana)chavan for helping us in all our endeavors. I would also like to express my gratitude to our vice Principal Prof. S.N.Kulkarni, whose relentless efforts have resulted in commendable performance of our institute in every facet of education.


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