The Only "NAAC ACCREDITED ENGINEERING INSTITUTE" In Solapur City Which Got NAAC Accreditation Within 6 Years of Establishment
Admission Enquiry Contact :-   Prof.U.M.Rawat : 8380050696      Prof.S.C.Mhamane :8380050705      Prof.I.L.Bulla :9730213735

Mechanical Engineering Department

Name of Faculty
1Dr. S.V. Deshpande Principal
2Dr. U. S. MugaleProfessor & Vice-Principal
3Prof. U.M. Rawat Asst. Prof.& HOD
4Prof. T.B. Yalsangikar Asst. Professor
5Prof. R.M. Patil Asst. Professor
6Prof. S.N. Upadhye Asst. Professor
7Prof. G.S. Vhanamane Asst. Professor
8Prof. R.R. Kurri Asst. Professor
9Prof. J.K. RomanAsst. Professor
10Prof. M.A. Boda Asst. Professor
11Prof. S.N. Sayyed Asst. Professor
12Prof. S.D. Bundale Asst. Professor
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