The Only "NAAC ACCREDITED ENGINEERING INSTITUTE" In Solapur City Which Got NAAC Accreditation Within 6 Years of Establishment

Fee Structure for First Year A.Y.2017-18

Sr.No. Particulars Open OBC Reserve Category
1. Tuition Fee 65,000 32,500 Nil
2. Other Fee 2500 2500 2500
67,500 35,000 2500

Fee Structure for First Year TFWS for A.Y.2017-18

Sr.No. Particulars Open
1. Development Fee 5910
2. Other Fee 2500
Note:-  First Year Student Should note that fees mentioned above is interim fee.It will be finalized from Shikshan Shulk Samiti for Academic Year 2016-17.
       *:- Interim Fee.
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