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List of Prize Winning Students in Various Competitions

Sr.No Name of Student Class Award/Achievement Details
1 Ms. Ayesha Shaikh BE 1st Prize Vidya 2018 Magazine (Urdu)
2 Ms. Sneha Malkhare BE 3rd Prize Vidya 2018 Magazine (Sanskrut)
3 Ms. Afroz Shaikh BE 1st Prize Smash 2019 Chess
4 Ms. Amruta Ankushe BE 2nd Prize Smash 2019 Art Exihibition
5 Ms. Afroz Shaikh BE 2nd Prize Wisotech 19 Spoorthy
6 Ms. Jagdevi Patil BE 2nd Prize Smash 2019 Box Cricket
Ms. Sneha Malkhare
Ms. Afroz Shaikh
Ms. Amruta Ankushe
Ms. Divya Gaddam
Ms. Manisha Shinde
7 Ms. Sneha Malkhare BE 2nd Prize Ninad 2019 Best Theme
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