Quick Enquiry for Admission 2021-22

Sr. No. Name of Activity Date Name of Resource Personnel
1 Microcontroller Interfacing & programming (workshop) 13/08/2018 Prof. A. U. Wagdarikar
2 One day Seminar on Electromagnetic Engineering (Seminar) 06/10/2018 Prof.S.R.Ronghe
3 One day Workshop on MATLAB Fundamental 08/01/2019 Prof.A.U.Wagdarikar
4 One day Workshop on Automotive Electronics using New age Embedded controller platform 24/01/2019 Mr. Niraj Kapse
5 Organized 8th Inspired Award Science Exhibition in association with Zilla Parishad Solapur at VVPIET. 29-31/01/2019 Mr. Amol Jadhav&Mr.Bhanje
6 One day Workshop on Embedded System Design 12/03/2019 Prof.A.U.Wagdarikar & Prof.S.C.Mhamane
7 95 MY FM Awareness of Election voting 05/04/2019 Prof.S.C.Mhamane
8 Career Guidance Program for TY Diploma Students(VVP) 05/04/2019 Prof.A.U.Wagdarikar&Prof.S.C.Mhamane
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