The Only "NAAC ACCREDITED ENGINEERING INSTITUTE" In Solapur City Which Got NAAC Accreditation Within 6 Years of Establishment
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Electronic & Telecommunication Student Associations

Sr. No. Name Of Activity Date Name of Resource PersonnelNo. of participants
1 SPACE reformation Function 24/09/2017 Prof. R. B. Digge All Students
2 Engineer’s Day celebration 16/09/2017 Prof. S.C.Mhamane All Students
3 Fresher’s Party 24/09/2017 Prof. R. B. Digge All Students

SPACE (Students Perky Association in Communication Engineering)

Sr. No. Designation Name
1 Chairman Prof. A.U. Wagdarikar
2 Faculty Advisor Prof. R. B .Digge
3 Co-ordinator Mr. Vibute O.S.
4 Jt. Co-ordinator Ms. Shaikh Afroz
5 Secretary Mr. Patange S.A.
6 Jt. Secretary Ms. Malkhare S.P.
7 Treasurer Ms. Abangrao M.L.
8 Co-curricular activities Ms.Gaddam D.V. G
9 Cultural activity Incharge Mr.Waghmare K.K.
10 Technical activity Incharge Ms. Disale J.P.
11 Girls Representative Ms. Gavali K.R.
12 Class Representative(S.E) Mr. Waghmare Prerana
13 Class Representative(T.E) Ms. Shaikh Afroz
14 Class Representative(B.E) Ms. Disale J.P.
15 Dept. Library Incharge(student) Mr. Pawase V.V.
16 SPACE Notice Board Mr. Kapse P.S.
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