The Only "NAAC ACCREDITED ENGINEERING INSTITUTE" In Solapur City Which Got NAAC Accreditation Within 6 Years of Establishment

Electronic & Telecommunication Student Associations

Sr. No. Name Of Activity Date Name of Resource PersonnelNo. of participants
1 SPACE reformation Function 24/09/2016 Prof. R. B. Digge All Students
2 Engineer’s Day celebration 16/09/2016 Prof. S.C.Mhamane All Students
3 Fresher’s Party 24/09/2016 Prof. R. B. Digge All Students

SPACE (Students Perky Association in Communication Engineering)

Sr. No. Designation Name
1 Co-ordinator Manisha R Mengji
2 Jt. Co-ordinator Jyoti P Disale
3 Secretary Manisha R Mengji
4 Jt. Secretary Sumit A Patange
5 Treasurer Onkar Vibhute
6 Jt. Treasurer Prasad S Kapse
7 Co-curricular activities Dhanshetti Shivsharan G
8 Jt. Co-curricular activities Manisha S Shinde
9 Cultural activity Incharge Shankar Sabban
10 Jt. Cultural activity Incharge Kajal R Gavali
11 Technical activity Incharge Prakash B Mali
12 Jt. Technnical activity Incharge Komal B Potdar
13 Girls Representative Mrunalini L Abhangrao
14 Class Representative(S.E) Sneha Malkhare
15 Class Representative(T.E) Manisha R Mengji
16 Class Representative(B.E) Dhanraj Patil
17 Dept. Library Incharge(student) Pawse Vighneshwar V
18 Jt. Dept. Library Incharge(student) Pratiksha Wadvarkar
19 SPACE Notice Board Shivraj B Patil
20 Jt. SPACE Notice Board Mrunalini L Abhangrao
21 Sport Representative Shaikh Taufeeque S
22 Jt. Sport Representative Vishal S Arlimar
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