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Paper presented / published by faculties in A. Y. 2016-17 in National / International Journal (AY - 2016-17)

Sr.No Name of Faculty
Title of paper
Venue & level
1 Prof. Mathapati B. S. Comparison of cascaded H bridge invertor & switched DC source invertor. A Multilevel Invertor based on switched DC Sources.
Published International Journal paper (IERJ) on 27th Sept 2016 Published International Journal paper ( IJIERT) on Oct 2016
2 Prof. Mathapati B. S. Presented paper in ICACDOT 2016 (IEEE conference) on 9th & 10th Sept
3 Prof. More V.S. Packet loss consealment using WSOLA & GWSOLA Techniques. Application of WSOLA & GWSOLA algorithms for packet loss consealment
IJRPET Volume 3 issue, 4 April 2017 IJIERT Volume 3 issue, 1 Jan 2016
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