The Only "NAAC ACCREDITED ENGINEERING INSTITUTE" In Solapur City Which Got NAAC Accreditation Within 6 Years of Establishment

Department Activities (AY - 2016-17)

Sr. No.
Name of Activity
Date Name of Resource personnel No. of Participant
1 Expert Lecture on Project Guidance 05/08/2016 Prof. Katre S.S. 19
2 Expert Lecture on EHV line construction, substation. Equipment & battery 19/08/2016 Mr. Vinay Joshi Deputy Executive Engineer, MSETCL, Solapur. 40
3 Expert Lecture on Transformer Protection 19/09/2016 Prof J. D. Joshi 55
4 Expert Lecture on Energy Conservation & Auditing 22/09/2016 Prof. S. S. Swamy 60
5 Technical lecture on “Save energy and electronics meters” 21/01/2017 Mr. Swami S. C.MSETCL, Solapur. 45
6 Technical lecture for T.Y. Diploma Electrical and SE, TE, BE students. 07/02/2017 Mr. Kulkarni J. R. MSETCL, Solapur. 60
7 Expert Lecture on Control System –II (TE. E & E) 21/02/2017 Prof. Biradar V. S. Solapur 24
8 Seminar on H.T/EHV Line Construction For TY Diploma Electrical & TE Electrical Engg. 11/02/2017 Mr. Vinay Doshi Additional Executive Engg. 400KV R.S. Lamboti, 60
9 Seminar on MERC Structure & Functioning , For BE Electrical Engg. & BE Mechanical Engg 11/02/2017 Mr.Popat Khandare Asst.Director MERC, Mumbai. 45

Industrial visit organized by Department

Date Class Visit Details
16/08/2016 BE 132 KV Substation , EHV O &M Division Soregaon.
19 /08/2016
TE & BE Karnataka Industry(Long tour ) Linganmakki Dam Power Station ,Parle G Manufacturing Company
24/09/2016 SE & TE Industrial visit (K.K. Industry, Kurul)
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