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Prize winning students in various competitions

Sr. No.Name Of Student Event Institute Rank


Ms.Vaishnavi Desai
CSS Fundamentals Course VVPIET Completed
HTML Fundamental Course VVPIET Completed
Python 3 Tutorial Course VVPIET Completed
2 Mr.Kuldip Awachar C++ Tutorial Course VVPIET Completed


Ms. Pallavi Gurram
Project Competition NBNCOE 1st
Project Competition MIT, Barshi Best Innovation award
Project Competition VVPIET 2nd
Project Competition AGPIET, Solapur 2nd
4 Mr. Anilkumar Karli and Mr. Vishal Kondle Bug Tracking Competition AGPIET, Solapur 2nd
5 Ms. Nikita Rajput and Ms. Jyoti Kamble Network Hunt NBNCOE,Solapur 2nd prize
6 Ms. Firdos Shaikh and Ms. Pragati Benjarpe Paper presentation BMIT, Solapur 2nd prize
7 Mr. Abdul QadirKankurti Seed IT Idol, Solapur Seed IT, Solapur Gold medal


Mr. Sanket Zingade
C Boost NKOCET, Solapur 1st
NPTEL online course VVPIET Completed
9 Ms. Neha Velhal NPTEL online course VVPIET Completed
10 Ms. AmrutaSalunke NPTEL online course VVPIET Completed
11 CSE (Girls Team)-SE,TE,FE Kho-Kho(SMASH-19) VVPIET Winner


CSE (Girls Team)-SE,TE
Tug of War(SMASH-19) VVPIET Winner
Cricket(SMASH-19) VVPIET Winner
Kabaddi(SMASH-19) VVPIET Runner


Ms.Pallavi Gurram
Badminton-Singles(SMASH-19) VVPIET Winner
Badminton-Doubless(SMASH-19) VVPIET Runner
Carrom Doubles(SMASH-19) VVPIET Runner
Carrom-Singles(SMASH-19) VVPIET Runner


CSE(Boys Team)
Tug of War(SMASH-19) VVPIET Winner
Basketball(SMASH-19) VVPIET Runner
Kho-Kho(SMASH-19) VVPIET Runner
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